It has been a while since I did the last entry and not much had changed in that time.

I continue feeling stuck, not only in my career but also with my whole life, I don’t see any purpose at all in my work or with my personal projects.

Think that’s enough of losing my time and I need to start making projects in order to see some progress and start trying things to get different from now.

That’s why I decided to make this blog post, (that I hope is the last one talking about personal things) and share with you all the things that I want to do this 2024.

Game development

This year I want to start developing my own games and this is a thought topic because of all the technical implications that I need to make a good game.

A lot of things need to be done to make this happen, but for start, I want to learn C++, I think is an important language that I need to learn but I’m not really sure what I can do with this knowledge or what kind of project I can do, but I think I’ll know with the time.

With this I have two main objectives, first one is to have a good game published on and have good reviews and some active players.

Second: participate in the open-source community, I have one eye on the osu! lazer community and I think I can learn a lot by participating in the Osu development, but that requires a lot of C# knowledge, I’ll try my best and I’ll download the repo right now.

Indie world

I don’t just want to do games, but I also want to be part of the videogame industry, more likely other creators like me that I can learn from, and exchange ideas.

With that part I have a lot of difficulties, I signed up for a game jam, but I can’t have any good ideas to develop, just some random impossible-to-make ideas.

After a little reflection, I think that I just need to play more indies to see what is possible to do which games win game jams, and what makes a game fun to play.

With this, I want also to talk about the games I most like and share my experiences, but for that I need to take to the next point.

YouTube and media content

Let’s be realistic, I have luck if one human is reading this whole blog entry. Blog posting is something that the internet has lost years ago and if I still doing this is because I use this blog as my personal trash-ideas-dump.

Some years before I tried to have a YouTube channel and I had some success with 500 subscribers, having a channel takes a lot of work, but I think I can handle it now.

The topics that I want to talk about are personal blogs (like this blog post, but in video), indie games, and my own dev logs.

I think that’s all I want to start doing this year, thank you so much the ending up reading all this mess.

And yes, Toga Tara is just an alter-ego that I have because I don’t like to use my personal accounts for this kind of stuff, my real name is Erick Amezcua.

Thanks for reading again, and hope I can read this post again in the future and see some of the things that I write done in the future.

By Orick08

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