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Hello World! I’m Erick Amezcua and I have been a software developer for almost 6 years. This is my first blog post and I want to write my reflections about my personal programming career present and future.

That should sound like I have a lot of experience in the world of programming and software development, but I’m not even close to feeling like that.

Many talk about the impostor syndrome in this career, but I don’t think it is my case, I see what other developers do in social media like blogs, Twitter, or YouTube videos making awesome things when I have never been involved myself in that kind of project.

I find myself stuck like I wasn’t learning anything in these last years, even though I feel like I use to program and know more about programming when I was at the university than now.

After a layoff at my work (fortunately, I don’t lose my job, but some of my friends do) I reflect on what I want in my life and I decided to make this post to share my feelings and organize my thoughts.

Do I like programming?

Yes, I really like to write programs. Like most people, I like to start new projects but no to finish them, so maybe I have to improve my consistency.

But I want to emphasize that last sentence, I like to write programs.

Like 90% of the jobs in IT (fake percentage) are web development jobs, so this is an important point and something very difficult to say and admit.

Do I like my job?

No, I don’t like web development and I don’t want to continue on that path.

It’s so frustrating to see how things have changed for me over the years and how the industry change what I want to do and what I actually do.

I started as a backend and database developer (It’s not exactly what I like but was ok), and nowadays I’m a front-end and tester because that is what the company needed.

I hate it not only because it is not interesting, but it’s also because I don’t see any impact of my work in the world, I don’t even feel like I’m doing something meaningful for the world or my own life.

But there are two big problems with this, I can’t only change my job.

We are living in a time where there are quite a few layoffs in the industry and there is a lot of competition for jobs. But also, I don’t have the required experience for a job that I like, because the jobs I’ve had have pushed me to front-end development.

My programming career

So, how to fix this mess and ensure that my programming career goes the right way and I don’t work only for money in the future?

That’s a tough question, I have an answer but I don’t know if is the correct one.

I decided to continue with my work (because like anyone I need the money to survive), but also make a personal programming career follow up with all the things that I like, and also, to survive myself and get my own money.

I want to start making my own project, get involved in the dev community, and learn the things that make me happy to work on.

So, this is the starting point where I want to start my personal journey and share with the world my progress and thoughts along the way.

Hope this personal project has success and continuity.

Hope to see you in further blog posts where I’ll write more specifically about my projects!

Don’t forget to click on my social media to stay in touch, especially on Twitter, and you can read more about me here.

See you next time!

By Orick08

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