Excited to Present My Dev Career Project

Hi, it’s been a long time since I used this site to share to the world my personal projects, but I’m here to try it again and be more connected with the world to explore new projects and get in touch with other people that like this wonderful world of 1 and 0s.

I’ll mainly focus on developing video games but I feel a lot of passion for software development in general, so expect various projects to be shared on my GitHub.

The first steps

I know that only a few people would read these words (if it is someone) so I decided to open a YouTube channel to start having a base of followers and use my Twitter account more often.

About the content, I was long thinking about it, and I decided to make some tutorials for C#, share my Unity projects, and also some other cool miscellaneous projects (like an N64 game).

All of these are going to take some time, so please stay tuned.

About this site

As I mentioned before, not many people read blogs nowadays but is a great media to communicate more directly and easily with the one who can be interested and I can share more technical information and delve deeper into various topics.

About me

And well, nice to meet you, I’m Erick I currently have 25 years old, and I studied software engineering and I currently have a full-time job as a developer.

Aside from that, I have a great passion for videogame development and new programming languages, so, the first big challenge to achieve in this adventure is publishing a game on Steam that I’m currently working on.

Hope I can post more details and my progress in the future and be successful with this project.

See you then soon ๐Ÿ˜€

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