What do I learn – Week 19

This week I’ll continue with the reading of the book “The Mythical Man-Month” by Frederick Brooks, and also, I started studying and installing my local environment for developing with .NET Framework via CLI and Visual Studio Code. 

Hatching a catastrophe 

Since chapter 11 in The Mythical Man-Month talks about the failure and how the faster you accept that something is wrong with the project, you save more time and development budget than simply keeping quiet and waiting for a major fix later. 

“How does a project get to be a year late?

… By one day at the time” 

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. 

Structuring an organization for change is much harder than designing systems for change. 

One direct way to handle this problem is to document better which are the milestones for the project, rarely will a person lie about milestone progress if the milestone is so sharp that he can’t deceive himself. 

The silver bullets 

One of the most famous papers that appear in this book is one called “No Silver Bullet”, written by Fred Brooks in 1986. 

The main plot of the article is that a single tool doesn’t exist that can improve software development 10 times in that decade. 

This is linked with the comment that hardware improves year to year, but software development can’t grow at the same phase as hardware. 

Reading this article made me reflect more about the moment of the software development that I’m part of. 

At that time, the article mentions some technologies and methodologies that can be a “Silver Bullet” in the future. 

It is curious how he was right and how OOP is one standard in the industry in hour days, and some others like Visual Programming are in development. 

What is ASP.NET?

Today, web services have a crucial work in the modern era of information, and ASP.NET is the technology to compete with other back-end technologies like NodeJS Express, PHP Laravel, or Java Spring Boot. 

Is important to remark that .NET is not a programming language, is a framework that makes kind the same work as the Java Virtual Machine. 

With this in mind, .NET can be used with different programming languages, but the most common are C# and VB. 

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