What do I learn – Week 16

This week I had been watching videos about confidence, more focused on the interview approach as I have mentioned in my past week’s post, and also on some problems in the Hacker Rank interview challenges.

My relation with programming

I watched a conference with Kenny Werner that talks about making mistakes and about our own expectations of our work. 

This reminded me of the topics of the first weeks that I wrote about making mistakes but this time was a little different. 

He’s a musician, and he examples how you block yourself with your own expectations, how if you want to write it has to be a masterpiece, or if you have to play the piano it should be perfect. 

We do things like it is a test and we don’t allow any imperfection, but this way of thinking brings us frustration. 

Personally, I want to program with a different mindset and just program, not because it is a test or because is my work, but because I like it.

Inner game of tennis

I had been listening to a podcast about some book called “The inner game of tennis” and it makes me reflect on some aspects of my career.  

The first part that gets my attention is that when you want something to happen if you try it very hard the outcome could not be the best. 

This can be a trigger for anxiety and nervousness, it is difficult, but the best approach is to relax in those situations. 

On the other hand, they talk about why we are interested in certain topics, and one common factor with everyone is the exploration and the feeling of discovering something new that you haven’t thought about before. 

Somedays I don’t feel especially attracted by the idea of continuing developing, but I discovered that I’m doing some things wrong, like making things in a rigid way, putting away without realizing that I’m not exploring anymore. 

Something similar happened whit my life. 

I want to control every second of my days with an agenda.  

Organization is great and can be a powerful tool, but you cannot live and be happy with that little piece of exploration and discovery for the unknown. 

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