What do I learn – Week 11

This week I have continued working with the open-source projects of Medusa (Medusa Admin) wrote in React and Rise Media Player made in C# with XAML and Universal Windows Platform. 

A little review of XAML and UWP

XAML stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language and was created by Microsoft as a variant of standard XML. 

If you have programmed in Android Studio, you’re familiarized with how XML work to make a GUI like HTML. 

Well, this is the same proposal for Windows Applications with XAML

This way you can have the GUI and the definition of how the window should be displayed in a separate way from the code. 

XAML was introduced with WPF (Windows Page Foundation), and it was used to make native Windows Applications in an easy way. 

With the new ecosystem of Microsoft and the planned Windows 11, Microsoft decided to release the Universal Windows Platform to be more agile in the process of development for multiple devices and sure compatibility between them. 

NuGet Package Manager

As NodeJS has its package managers like NPM, .NET Framework has its own package manager made by Microsoft and it is named NuGet. 

It can be used as a CLI program, but the most common use is with the integration in Visual Studio Community IDE (not Visual Code). 

The IDE of Visual Studio makes all the preparation begin the scenes to match the .NET version and programming language to get and install easily all the packages you need in the visual browser. 

CLI programs with JavaScript

I use it every day, and inclusive I wrote some of them, but I never get the time to investigate what is exactly a CLI program. 

Working on the Medusa project, I realize how a CLI program runs and can (in this case) generate the necessary files for a project and replace the standard run server command (“npm run dev“) with something more user-friendly like “medusa start“. 

Although I did not make a PR to the CLI project, reading the code and seeing how was made gives me a better perspective of what can be done and automized with a CLI program. 

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