What do I learn – Learning from feedback – Week 8

This week is more focused on the relation with some lectures that I had, and are related with the experience talking with real clients and people involved in a project. 


This video available on YouTube by Practical Psychology talks about fragile things (that can be broken if you smash them), and robust things (that remain the same). 

But there is something called antifragile, that things get better if you stress it and then leave it to rest a proper time. Like the muscles or the brain. 

This weekend with my client, I have some troubles presenting the new changes, but personally, I can view this with a better eye and learn from the experience in order to keep the nerves away. 

How do we heal medicine

If there is a problem in the medical industry with the doctors is the communication between them and teamwork. 

Over the years things have been changed, and more things have been discovered, so many that not only a single person can know it all, and in a world, with that, there cannot be cowboys working lonely. 

You new pit crews that work together, everyone making a little part of a big thing. 

This also can be translated to the software industry, where the computers just have such power and have many different concepts like the front end, back end, mobile development, dev-ops (to name a few), working like a pit crew instead of trying of mastering everything is a good option. 

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